Live your life with many colors

"Weíre all just children really, until something happens to shock us right into adulthood". In a way, itís quite tragic. "I believe the best of each of us is the child inside, the person we were meant to be before the world interfered with our innocence". If your mate acts like a child it should make you feel good to know that your mate is feeling good. If you colored in coloring books when you were a child, you will love to learn how to paint - u might even feel like a child again. "I find painting to be great therapy"!

"When you were a child you were learning colors without even having any knowledge of it". We all know yellow is a warm color from the sun.


is cooler than


"There are no secret formulas".
"It just takes a lot of studying, patience, and practice".
"I love painting portraits from live models, but it took years to get to where I am today".
"Staining Wooden Palettes"Ö
"If you are right handed get left-handed palettes", but if you happen to have one already and itís for the wrong hand, just bevel and sand the thumb hole to precise shape and smoothness to fit for your thumb. You will be able to balance them on your thumb and forearm better if your palette fits your thumb grip better". I stain my palettes with burnt sienna oil paint and apply 3 coats of tung oil on the front and 1 coat on the back and let each process dry overnight. Then I use fine sandpaper to lightly buff off the surface if it needs buffing. I have already painted on both these palettes and you should be able to see the faint trace of paint buildup. Over time paint residue builds up on palettes and the palettes will turn dull in colors. But, by staining the palettes it helps preserve them in years of longer use. When I processed my palettes, neither one of them were the right one, so my hubby beveled out the palette that is on the right and it balances perfectly while Iím painting and the hole is smooth on my thumb. I didnít have him to bevel out the palette that is on the left, because I donít hold that one.

Live your life with many colors

Live your life with many colors

This is the backside and I only put 1 coat of the tung oil on it.

Live your life with many colors

This is the palette I donít hold, but it comes in handy.


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