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Harvest Day in Texas Hill Country

Grapes being harvested in Texas Hill Country

I started this painting in 2009, but as of February 2010 I havenít finished it. I decided to include it unfinished along with some of my early 80s paintings I got out of storage. After seeing some of the ones I did in the early 80s again, I could see they need a few dabs of paint as well, but I thought the people that donít paint and would like to learn, will be able to see that artists "are not born talented", it takes a lot of hard work for many years. Iím glad I have been living most of my life painting, I feel like itís been worth dedicating a lot of my time to. Painting is fun and I have always been humbled, honored and thrilled to be able to paint and study with countless enjoyable artists over the years. I have had the privilege of instructorsí enthusiasm and love and support and the excitement to attended workshops in different counties, to be able to meet other artists and to see some of their successful artwork. I havenít been painting with any other artists the past 8 years, because I have had a lot going on, but I plan to paint with them again soon, because I miss them and artists know that we never stop learning! When I first started learning I asked my first instructor how long does it take to become an artist and of course she just laughed. I succeeded that goal after learning how to paint portraits from live models. I feel fortunate to have had such great extraordinary instructors.

These are some of my first paintings and I painted them in oils

 •. ___I painted this for practice • ARTIST JUNE HARDIN ___I did this painting in OILS • ARTIST JUNE HARDIN


___I did this painting in OILS • ARTIST JUNE HARDIN ___I painted this one in OILS • ARTIST JUNE HARDIN _ARTIST JUNE HARDIN • This was my neighbors dog: Oil Paint

Portrait of June Beatrice

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Demonstrations of June Beatrice's Paintings

Images of JB's paintings done in the Studio

Photo of June Beatrice's Portraits

Photo of June Beatrice's Palettes


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