June Hardin

was born in Fort Worth, Texas and have been painting seriously since 1982.

In the early 80ís I watched an artist on TV doing portraits from live models and she inspired me so much to want to paint that way, so I have been studying and attended demos and even have had the honor to paint portraits from live models and some of my paintings I did from photos, pictures from books and patterns.

Painting helps me relax and enjoy life so much more than I probably would if I didn't know how to paint. I canít imagine what my life would have been like and would be like if I hadnít watched an artist on TV. There were times I would get discouraged and ask myself ďam I wasting my lifeĒ, but I have enjoyed art tremendously over the years. As long as it is Gods will I plan on painting until I go to heaven, and who knows maybe God will have an easel set up for me to paint in heaven too.

For me painting is a reflection of creation, and it is also a personal reflection. Life is short and fast-paced and so many things vie for our attention. If we are not careful life will apt to pass us by unnoticed without really being looked at, but only to just be quickly lived through. Before you know it 20 years will pass by and another 20, so live your life to itís fullest. How often have we admired a beautiful sunset or even taken a picture of it, but only to tell ourselves we will stop and appreciate it later when we have more time? We then proceed to put it in a box or an album and it becomes relegated to the dark parts of our memory where we don't often visit, so it quickly becomes forgotten. How many countless wonders of the places we visit, the beautiful sunsets, autumn leaves by the water do we really stop to capture the moment? Painting allows me time to stop to be deliberate and gives me time to really appreciate those little beautiful moments in my life and perhaps be ready to be more amazed! It is my hope that my paintings might reach people on that level. Technically speaking, I seek to capture light and color in a way that is artistic. I try to paint what I see, which would classify me as realist artist, but I also paint what I feel which is a hallmark of the impressionists. I guess that puts me in the "Impressionistic Realism" category.

Live your life with many colors

The grace of our LORD Jesus Christ
be with you all. Amen.
Revelation 22:21


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