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Happy Campers '96

I won a few awards and ribbons and one of the ribbons was on this painting I did of my hubby and me



Oil Painting by June Hardin of Nana, USA 1998 ____Sea Breeze Music from a sea shell, Oil painting by June Hardin, USA 1999 ____Oil Painting by THE ARTIST JUNE HARDIN of Ann and Shun, USA 1998 ____Oil Painting, by June Hardin of Keith, USA 1996 ____BONNIE - Soon to be posted

BB - Soon to be posted ____Oil Painting by June Hardin of Flaming Redhead, USA 2000 ____Oil Painting by June Hardin, USA 1998 ____BLACKIE - Soon to be posted ____BANDIT - Soon to be posted


Me the Artist painted by June Hardin

My very first portrait painting

I had a lot of fun painting this portrait, but if I were to paint a portrait of myself today - I would probably paint one of me holding a palette full of colors, or helping my hubby work on his '56 truck. I even helped him build a pipeline fence, and while we were building the fence I was desperately dreaming about painting some portraits of us setting up the pipes. I have three paintings started right now, but none are of my hubby & me, but I plan to paint another one of us soon.

To all the young people that would like to paint a portrait of themselves, try sitting in front of a mirror and paint a portrait of yourselves that way. An art instructor had me paint a portrait of myself that way one time and it was a lot of fun.

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